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Hi! My name is Jonas Lind. I have been in the IT industry since 2000. I co-founded two IT companies, one in Sweden and one in Malaysia. Currently, I am based in Malaysia as CEO of SilverTech Global and Executive Chairman of dJava Factory.



I began my career in the area of management consulting for both public organizations and private companies.  I have worked with a broad range of issues from strategic planning to every day operations issues. But the one consistent thing I do when at work is this:

To always keep the bigger picture in mind, but drill to the heart of the matter, so that I can deliver insightful observations and workable solutions.

My work has taken me to over 50 countries and I have done business in more than 20 countries. From my work and travels, I have met a lot of very successful and interesting people around the world.

I have more than 15 years of senior management experience and am a co-founder of Arctic Business Consulting and dJava Factory. Arctic Group ( is the largest IT consulting company in the north of Sweden and a world leader in solutions for Customs Administrations. dJava Factory ( is one of the leading boutique Java development houses in Malaysia.

In 2013, I joined Heitech Global Services, the international business arm of HeiTech Padu ( to help build up the company’s international business. To move the business forward,  I mooted a strategic step of entering a joint venture with Silverlake Group (  to reap the synergies that can be brought about by leveraging on the strengths of both companies. The result is the birth of SilverTech Global (, my current career focus and employment.

I have had some success, some setbacks; but through it all, I have learnt a lot.


Growing Up

I grew up in Lulea, a small beautiful town in the north of Sweden. As a young boy, sport was everything to me and my plan was be a professional sportsman. I played football, ice hockey and golf.

When I turned 15, I had to choose a sport.  I eventually picked golf and moved 1500 km south to attend the national golf (high) school.  In fact, I had no plans to continue my studies and concentrated only on perfecting my golf game. The focus and hard work paid off and I had some success. I became the Nordic Champion for juniors in1993 and had two wins on the Swedish Mini Tour.

But this was a journey that was not meant to be. When I was 18, I hurt my back and learnt that I had a chronic condition that would make it impossible for me to play professional golf.

After a few directionless years working as an assistant teacher and doing direct (door to door) sales (a great experience for any one that wants to succeed in sales, by the way), I decided to go back to school.

I hated school before I started at the university. But thankfully, I loved the challenge and the flexibility that academic studies can provide at a higher level. In the end, I graduated with Master of Science in Business Administration from the Luleå University of Technology with top grades.



I’m Swedish but have lived in Asia since 2005. I am happily married with 2 kids and am currently residing in Malaysia.

I am addicted to reading and can finish 1 book per week. I love to travel and golf is one of my favourite hobbies (even though I have to take painkillers to play). I enjoy public speaking and having intellectual discussions with friends and colleagues.




















JONAS LIND is a co-founder of two IT companies, one in Sweden and one in Malaysia. He has been in the IT industry since 2000. He currently resides in Malaysia with his family.

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